rewardsprogram1The Belle Ami’s Rewards Program is a simple way to reward yourself

…while taking care of yourself!

Automatic Enrollment – No paperwork to fill out.  Simply provide your email address to our Spa Concierge and begin earning your rewards points today!

Here are some ways to earn Belle Ami’s Rewards:  1,000 points equals $1.00


10,000 points for Referring another Guest

Invite a friend that has never experienced The Belle Ami’s Day Spa and Anti-aging Clinic to book a service and you will be rewarded 10,000 points once they purchase that service. (Spa parties excluded)


5,000 points for Pre-Booking and receiving your next service during first visit to the spa

After you are completely amazed with your first experience at Belle Ami’s, upon check out, pre-book your next service. Once you receive the pre-book service, 5,000 points will be added to your balance.


4,000 points for receiving 4 of the same services within a 6-week period

Enjoying the same service now offers benefits not only from a wellness stand point, but you will also receive 3,000 points if they are completed in a 6-week time period.


3,500 points for trying a different service for the first time

Why not explore other services you have not experienced? Try something different this time!


2,500 points for Pre-Booking and receiving your next service

Not only are you assured the time availability that fits your schedule, but you earn 2,500 points just for reserving your follow-up service at the point of check out.


Points for retail and gift card purchases are equal to 10 times amount of purchase!

Choosing Belle Ami’s for your at home ritual needs will help you earn points equal to 10 times the pre-tax value of your purchase. Why not be rewarded for all your gift purchasing needs? With every gift card you purchase for someone else, you will accumulate points that can be used for your own gift of wellness.


Points for services and series are equal to 5 times amount of purchase!

The easiest way to earn Belle Ami’s Reward points is to simply come relax and experience any service of your choice. Automatically, 5 times the value of your pre-tax purchase will be deposited as points.


10,000 points for referring guests to one of our sister clinics

Invite a friend to our Healthy Palate Weight Loss Clinic, our New Beginnings Men’s Clinic, or our New Beginnings Women’s Clinic and earn 10,000 points once they purchase that service. See our websites: and


Points for services or retail received at one of our sister clinics are equal to 5 times amount of purchase!

Come enjoy one of our services or meal plans at Healthy Palate Weight Loss Clinic and receive 5 times the pre-tax purchase value towards your Belle Ami’s rewards account.  Purchase any of our services at our New Beginnings Women’s Clinic or our New Beginnings Men’s Clinic and receive 5 times the pre-tax value.


Point earned for family members are transferable

Do you get frustrated with airlines that only give credit to the person traveling or charge large fees to make transfers to other accounts?  Points earned by your spouse in our New Beginnings Men’s Clinic or your teenagers in either Belle Ami’s Day Spa or Healthy Palate Weight Loss Clinic can be transferred to your reward account for free.  Just let us know that is what you wish and they will be transferred easily so that you can enjoy more of our luxurious spa benefits.

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