Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Belle Ami’s Signature Facial

The Belle Ami’s Signature Facial is the ultimate facial experience. This luxurious facial starts with a microdermabrasion treatment designed to remove the dead skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to rebuild collagen.  This is followed by a chemical peel to further aid in anti-aging.

We finish this ultimate facial with a powerful antioxidant treatment known as an oxygen facial Oxygen facials are all the rage in Hollywood, with celebrities like Madonna singing its praises and others like: Eva Longoria, Heather Locklear, Justin Timberlake, and Mark Wahlberg who consider this treatment necessary in getting red carpet ready! The treatment helps to hydrate the skin immediately, making the skin appear smoother and plumper.  See how great and younger you can look without the pain and cost of plastic surgery.


Rejuvenating Microdermabrasion Facial

Individual Microdermabrasion – Nurture yourself with this treatment designed to remove dead skin; lessen fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, minor acne scarring, and reduce poor size.  All with no down time. You will achieve noticeable results after one session and more dramatic changes with consecutive treatments.

40 or 80 minutes

Microdermabrasion with Oxygen – After a rejuvenating microdermabrasion treatment, your skin is exfoliated and infused with oxygen enriched vitamins and minerals.

70 minutes

Chemaderm -Includes a light chemical peel after microdermabrasion to leave your skin soft and glowing.

60 minutes


Advanced Anti-Aging Facial

Our advanced medical anti-aging facial leaves your face luminous and youthful.  Your skin is rejuvenated with a brightening mask;  a vitamin A micro emulsion that supports natural production of hyaluronic acid, stimulate collagen formation, and protects vulnerable cellular DNA with its bio cellular antioxidant system. Retinol to help reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, improve hyperpigmentation.  Omega-6 ceramides help to lock in moisture and reduce irritation.  Hydroquinone reduces the appearance of chloasma, melasma, freckles, and sun damage. Hand and scalp massage included.

     40 minutes


Advanced Anti-Aging Facial with Chemical Peel

Enhance your facial a chemical peel to even discoloration, smooth and brighten the skin. Hand and scalp massage included.

       50 minutes


Advanced Anti-Aging Facial with Chemical Peel, Anti-Aging Serums, and Microcurrant

Microcurrent and ultrasound therapy allows therapeutic and anti-aging products to penetrate more deeply and more effectively into the skin.  This greatly aids further in reducing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars versus just applying these serums alone.  Hand and scalp massage included.

80 minutes


Antioxidant Vitamin C Facial

This facial strengthens elasticity and helps prevent premature aging caused by UV exposure.  It exfoliates, hydrates, and lessens fine wrinkles.  Microcurrent and ultrasound therapy aid in deepening penetration of Vitamin C into facial layers.

30 minutes


Antioxidant Vitamin C Facial may be added to any of the following medical facials.  Teens may substitute a deep cleansing microcurrent/ultrasound therapy.

80 min


Brightening Facial

This medical brightening facial is designed to treat hyperpigmentation and treat sun damage.  This treatment contains a unique blend of brightening arbutin, green tea, vitamin E and other emollient ingredients to provide visible illumination and moisture to the skin.  It aids in clarifying uneven skin tones and leaves the skin smoother, brighter, and healthier.

50 minutes


Clarifying Acne Facial

This medical facial is designed to correct and treat acne prone skin.  It utilizes a bio-sulfur masque, vitamin B, pure essential oils and fruit enzymes to help balance the skin’s pH, reduce oiliness, follicle blockage, inflammation and minimize excessive sebaceous activity. It also helps to break down sebum, dead skin cells and other pore clogging debris.  Cooling camphor and eucalyptus help to reduce redness and irritation, leaving the skin calm and refined.

50 minutes


Teen Acne Facial

This cleansing facial and extraction helps to build your teens confidence.  Our board certified physician educates your teen on facial skin care.

50 minutes


Ultra hydrating Facial

This elegant, medical treatment is designed to provide optimal hydration for your skin. Our ultra-hydrating gel contains a natural synergy of herbal extracts (cucumber, chamomile, and aloe vera) and amino acids that provide an anti-irritant effect on the skin and helps to reduce redness and inflammation. Includes scalp and hand massage.

50 minutes


Collagen Mask Facial with Ultrasound Therapy

This innovative collagen mask is infused with pure extracts, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and phyto-collagen.  With absorption rates higher than 98%, they deliver targeted treatment with powerful results in only 15-20 minutes. Q10 reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases hydration, neutralizes free radical damage, and boosts collagen and elasticity.

30 minutes


Collagen Mask/Ultrasound Therapy/Any Facial

80 minutes


Collagen Eye Mask Added to Any Facial

50 minutes


Tuscan Vino-therapy

Escape to the rolling hills of the Mediterranean as you treat yourself to this luxurious vino-therapy facial.  This luxe spa treatment boasts an arsenal of potent age-fighters, including polyphenols, resveratrol and natural vitamins.  Fortify your skin’s natural defenses as gentle clay draws toxins from deep within your tissues and golden olive oil locks in moisture.  Remember all those classic Italian beauties?  Now you know their secret: copious amounts of rich red wine, lashings of pure honey and a dash of over-the-top pampering.  And that’s certainly a beauty secret worth discovering…

50 minutes


Add on Wine Extract Crystal Eye Therapy

This luscious eye therapy nourishes, tightens, and revitalizes delicate skin under the eyes while reducing puffiness and dark circles.



Chocolate CoQ10 Facial

This luscious choco-therapy is like a little bit of heaven.  Prime-pressed cocoa butter and botanical oils nourish and exfoliates.  This decadent exfoliate is created with Dagoba chocolate, French cocoa absolute and premium, golden cocoa butter for 100% calorie-free indulgence.  Believe in the power of chocolate…A rich chocolate mask is then applied. This Sundae Best mask is a natural, blended active cocoa, coconut milk and honey in addition to powerhouse enzymes that boost your natural defenses against wrinkles and sagging-including CoQ10, Live Carrot Fruit Cells and Ginseng Extract.  This mask leaves your face feeling tight, smooth and radiant!  Lastly, you will truly be in utter bliss, as you enjoy an arm and neck massage with our pure cocoa butter and organic Shea, Peruvian Cocoa Azul Bliss Cream.

50 min


Add on, not one, but two powerful anti-aging serums.  Cacao and Q10 will deeply penetrate your skin with our microcurrent therapy for a rich anti-aging skin therapy.

80 min


For the ultimate indulgence, add on our Chocolate Pleasure Eco-Fin therapy to totally nourish, soften, and soothe those hands and feet. Choose one or both.


Deep Cleansing Facial

This is a targeted deep cleansing facial with an exfoliating peel and extractions to remove impurities.

30 min


Add a Deep Cleanse Serum and Microcurrent Therapy for that Ultimate Experience in Cleansing

60 min


Gentlemen’s Facial

Sometimes you have to get dirty to get clean, quite often that’s half the fun.  If the word “mud” stirs memories of childhood naughtiness, this facial invites you to look at mud in a whole new light. Harvested from the banks of the Dead Sea, this pure, sterilized mud is rich in natural minerals that gently cleanse delicate skin tissue as they whisk away impurities from deep within pores. This is a decidedly sophisticated mud, several thousand years in the making, gathered from the world’s most mysterious and celebrated waters…Enjoy a light arm, neck, and shoulder massage with our aromatic Moroccan Oil.  Morocco is famous for its legendary spice markets or “souks” as they are known locally.  This nourishing massage oil is infused with the earthy, sensuous aromas of sandalwood and vanilla. Golden olive and sweet almond oils glide across the skin, as fig extract works its magic as a celebrated aphrodisiac.  This is a sexy, sophisticated fragrance that appeals universally to both men and women; this appealing sensual aroma is instantly addictive.

50 min

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